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Yes that's right! 50% off if you are unemployed, in full time education, a single parent, or individual on a low income in receipt of benefits, or a family in receipt of free school meals, (your family is still eligible if your youngsters are out of school, but would be eligible for free school meals if they did attend local authority school). Times are hard and as so many of you value learning with me and love training with me at the Circus Works I wanted to offer you all a practical solution to keeping up with the circus skills you love. I also wanted to reach out to new folk who might of thought that this kind of thing was out of their reach, both physically and financially. Or who might not understand just how valuable these skills are at positively influencing mental and physical well being, body confidence and self esteem, or how well these skills will support reducing social anxiety, replace negative risk taking with positive risk taking, and remove fear of failure. Yes running away with the circus IS one of the best things you can do for yourself and/or for your kids too. Improve their physical literacy, and positively effect their social and personal development, give them a safe space to explore who they are, and who they want to be, in a creative, supportive, inclusive and performative environment.

The link to my booking page is here BOOK ONLINE | circus-naomi pick the section that is most likely to have the class you want in and take it from there. For concession booking options, please go to the relevant 'KIDS CONCESSIONS' or 'ADULTS CONCESSIONS' and book your place from there. If booking in multiple sibling participants for a session in relation to kids classes, then please book both children in as one participant, thank you. Please note the slight timing change to Monday after school sessions. Circus is for everyone, come and find your place with me. I look forward to flying with you soon!


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