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'Next Gen' Youth Circus NEEDS YOUR VOTE!

Cirque Du Ciel, my favourite Cornish circus charity's incredible youth circus group Next Gen are in the running to win a whopping £26,000 from The National Lottery, ITV, UTV and The Sunday Mail. See their project video on the 6pm ITV Westcountry News this Thursday the 18th! Or get a sneak peak while you vote for them on the People's Projects website. Link for video and vote below. Please search and vote for 'Next Gen Circus Tour'.


PLEASE SHARE FAR & WIDE! They would really appreciated it if you could take a minute to vote for the ‘Next Gen Circus Tour’ & share it with as many as you can (social media, contacts, family & friends). Thanks so much for your support & I hope you get to see them as a result, out and about at festivals & events this summer!

Here's a video from Glastonbury Festival last year showing some of the extraordinary skills from Next Gen:

A huge thank you is due to The People's Projects for shortlisting 'Next Gen', they are one of only 5 organisations from the Southwest that have progressed this far, which is a huge achievment in itself. I hope you will get behind them as I have.


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