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Hello 'Stranger'!

Yes I know, it's been ages! Sooooo bizzle! So the only way I can keep up with you all is this way1 It's my cunning plan! Anyway so much good stuff has happened over the last 3 years, but even so, compared to 2018, wow!

Yes I've been off the radar but only because of the opportunities to do so much amazing stuff, based in and around Circus! I really do want to update, and stay in touch with you all, my lovely friends both old and new (all I wish I could spend more time with). It's not possible to do this or relay the tales of my adventures, and the news of all that's now going on. Unless you folk are willing to stick with me, and a blog that promises bite size chunks!

So...I thought I would start by saying a big thank you to Ruth Hawkley for looking after the Airfish Circus Social Media, over this Autumn / WInter, and Ms Rhi Lomax for doing the same for Cirque Du Ciel Charity. Which means I can focus on keeping up with my own Soc Media to a better standard than you have come to expect!

I've felt both privileged and blessed over the last few years, and truly staggered at the beautiful thing my life around circus has become, if a little sleep deprived, and laptop heavy, so what! Amazed by the passion, determination, efforts and results of the work and support of so many folk, that make up the rich diversity , of the Cornish Communities, I have come to both know, and be embraced by.

So many people said that it would be hard for a person of my background and ethnicity to be accepted here, and integrate well. That it would be even harder to engage folk here with Circus based activities, and performance art. Well they couldn't have been more wrong! So thankyou Cornwall, thank you to all my friends near and far for supporting me, and always sending those pozzy vibes, in my (often long) absences!! Thanks to to you lot above, and the rest of you not pictured! You know who you are. Tune in in a couple of days for the first gripping installment of '2018 - How did all of this happen! Wow!' xx N

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