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Delighted! That is all!

To be announcing not only the opening of two new spaces to learn, and train Circus in Cornwall, now that 'The Circus Academy 1', in Penryn, and 'The Circus Academy 2', near Penzance, are up and running. Along with a range of new classes of course!

I'm also very happy to be informing the world via the Interweb, that not only does this mean a new, and permanent home for Airfish Circus NFP Arts Collective. It also means a new home for Cirque Du Ciel, Cornwall's smallest Circus Charity, with a big heart, and even bigger ideas!

I'm so pleased to be able to inform you all that I have cheerfully accepted the role of Charity Manager, for CDC, and will be working hard to bring not only a range of new kids and adults circus skills classes, for you to pick and choose from, based on your own interests, and creative leanings. Also to provide via CDC at least 2 'Everyone Welcome' - Circus Skills Classes per week, in each space.

I'm also delighted to be working with the marvellous folk at Mcqueen's Dance School Launceston, in bringing more circus skills resources to that area, with their help, and support, for CDC.

Yep it's all go at the mo...what with Tropical Pressure, Holifair and Love Summer showtimes for Airfish Circus just around the corner......can someone grab me a coffee please?

Why do I do it? This fella says it better than I can :-)

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