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New Kids Aerial Classes Start Dates and Further Info

Naomi of the Airfish collective here, many thanks for expressing interest in our aerial classes for youngsters. I can let you know that the age range is 7-14yrs, and class sizes are to be no larger than12, I have an adult aerialist assistant to support the children's learning and safety in class. The children will be working in pairs, or trio's on each piece of apparatus, they can get to grips with trapeze (solo and doubles), aerial hoop (solo and doubles), aerial silks (solo and doubles), and aerial rope.

We're able to offer 2 new sessions for children that are open to all, our Hayle and Truro classes are only open to the students of Truro High, and Beckydance school in Hayle, at present. However the following sessions are now available to all:-

Redruth - Tuesdays 4-5.30pm - at Westcoast Cheerleading Academy, Treleigh Industrial Estate.

Falmouth Thursdays 4-5.30pm - at Circo Kernow's Action Space, Falmouth Sports Club,

Western Terrace,

I'm delighted to say that classes are to start Thursday 10 November Falmouth, and Tuesday 8 November, Redruth.

Due to the limited number of places available for each class, and due to the overheads we have to cover, in order to be able to offer these sessions, each child's place must be booked, and paid for in advance. We ask only that you book and pay for each session, at least 1 week in advance, and that you give us at least 5 days notice of a cancellation. If we receive less than 5 days notice, we cannot refund the fee. In effect it's like paying for each class a few days in advance, rather than on the day.

The fee per child, per session is £7.50, you can request a booking by phone, text, in person, via Facebook, or via email, we will then contact you with our account details and a reference. When payment has entered our account, we will confirm the booking with you. If you cancel your child's place on a session, within the required notice period, we will refund the fee to you, however you prefer, should you not wish to cover another session instead.

I hope the booking system necessary doesn't put you off, it is the only way we can keep class sizes at a level, where the children present, are safe, and also getting enough input, and practice time, during each lesson. I hope you understand.

To place a booking, please contact me via this email address, my Facebook page Circus-Naomi, my website, or you can call or text me on 07966660403. Of course as the sessions progress, you will also be able to book (or cancel) a session in person.

In my experience I've found it best to request that parents and guardians remain present during the first and last 10 -15 minutes of each session, rather than watch the whole session, as the children settle, and focus into the session more readily this way. There are café/bar facilities on site at each venue, should you wish to remain close at hand, and of course we are flexible in relation to each child's individual needs, so please contact me if you have any concerns, or specific needs to highlight.

Looking forward to some amazing fun, fitness and flight with your youngsters :-)

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